KLAS Recognition

Cumberland has consistently received recognition and positive reviews from KLAS for our exceptional HIT services. Below are a few of our most recent KLAS mentions.

  • Cumberland was recognized in the 2017 Best in KLAS: Software & Services report with a No. 3 ranking in the HIT Implementation Support and Staffing category and an overall score of 95.7. In addition, Cumberland’s HIT Advisory Services were also mentioned in the report with an overall score of 93.3, which exceeded the market segment average by nearly two points.
  • In April of 2016, Cumberland was rated by KLAS as the Top Performing Targeted Epic Consulting Firm in the report “Epic Consulting 2016: Which firms provide breadth, depth and expertise?”
  • In addition, we received praise in the June 2016 report “Healthcare IT Advisory: The Experience Factor” for providing real value to our clients. The KLAS report stated, “In the Generalist category, only one firm excels at delivering tangible benefits. Cumberland clients report that they receive tools and thorough assessments that enable them to take action.”

Client Comments from KLAS Evaluations
Comments collected about Cumberland Consulting Group’s IT Advisory Services and HIT Implementation Support and Staffing by KLAS 2017 © KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved. www.KLASresearch.com

“A successful consulting firm can come up with innovative ways of looking at problems and then lead the provider organization down a path that they otherwise wouldn’t have gone down. But too often, firms come and deliver more bad news, and we often don’t have the resources to do the extensive work that needs to be done. That sometimes pushes provider organizations to invest in more resources that can do the work for them. But a truly successful firm would come up with creative ways to go about things, and that is what Cumberland does. They often point us toward solutions that we would not have thought of ourselves because we are not subject matter experts in certain areas.”EXECUTIVE, April 2016 (IT Advisory Services)

“Cumberland helped us define our current workflows and get them documented. They also helped us map out how we wanted the future Cerner revenue cycle system to work, taking into consideration the capabilities and what options we had about decision points in how we would set the system up. We used Cumberland’s expertise to find out what our options were and which one was best. Cumberland’s primary goal was to bring us the knowledge they had gained from working with other companies and let us know the advantages of our different options. I was very impressed with Cumberland and would love to work with them again.”EXECUTIVE, May 2016 (HIT Implementation and Support Staffing)

“We needed some unique work done, and Cumberland scoured the U.S. to find an organization that had done the same type of work before. They were able to find one, and they brought in the person who helped with that project. That person helped us through our engagement.” EXECUTIVE, April 2016 (IT Advisory Services)

“With Cumberland here, our clinical staff members spend significantly less time working on our project, so we save quite a bit, in terms of manpower and efficiency. We have also seen significant improvements to our patient throughput. Our physicians and practitioners are not yet seeing the same level of increase in their efficiency, but that will change once we build a lot of our specialty questionnaires. So far, we are getting a really good response.” EXECUTIVE, April 2016 (IT Advisory Services)

“Cumberland did a good job. They had to engage our revenue cycle outsourcing firm, and there were a lot of moving parts that Cumberland had to wrap their heads around. I thought their approach was very productive. They embedded themselves into our vendor team and ingratiated themselves with that team. Because of Cumberland’s expertise, they quickly gained credibility and were able to leverage their relatively small team and a lot of the members of our team to get the work done. Our system is a collection of modules that all function differently, but to the user, the whole system appears fairly seamless because of the interfaces. The reality is that changing something in one module can negatively impact another. We had to take that into account to make sure the changes we made would be compatible with all of the different modules. We really struggled because we had a module-based team, and none of the teams connected well. No one was looking across the whole network, but Cumberland filled that gap right away.”EXECUTIVE, March 2016 (IT Advisory Services)

About KLAS

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