KLAS Recognition

Cumberland has consistently been recognized by KLAS for our exceptional services. Below are a few of our most recent KLAS mentions.

  • Cumberland was ranked No. 2 in Payer IT Consulting in the 2021 Best in KLAS: Software and Services report.
  • Cumberland's HIT Enterprise Implementation Leadership services scored in the top 5, while the firm's HIT Advisory and Partial IT Outsourcing services scored in the top 10 in the 2021 Best in KLAS: Software and Services report. 
  • Cumberland was ranked No. 2 in both Partial IT Outsourcing and HIT Enterprise Implementation Leadership in the 2019 Best in KLAS: Software and Services report.
  • In the 2018 AMS and Help Desk report, Cumberland was listed as a broad firm providing both AMS and Help Desk services with a score of 94.4* for overall performance. (*Limited data vendor.)
  • In the 2018 Best in KLAS: Software & Services report, Cumberland received an overall score of 94.4 in the IT Advisory Services category, which exceeded the market segment average by nearly three points. Additionally, Cumberland’s HIT Implementation and Support Services were also mentioned with an overall score of 91.3.
  • In the May 2018 HIT Assessment & Strategic Planning report, Cumberland was recognized by KLAS for most consistently exceeding expectations
  • In April of 2016, Cumberland was rated by KLAS as the Top Performing Targeted Epic Consulting Firm in the report “Epic Consulting 2016: Which firms provide breadth, depth and expertise?”
  • In addition, we received praise in the June 2016 report “Healthcare IT Advisory: The Experience Factor” for providing real value to our clients. The KLAS report stated, “In the Generalist category, only one firm excels at delivering tangible benefits. Cumberland clients report that they receive tools and thorough assessments that enable them to take action.”

Client Comments from KLAS Evaluations

Comments collected about Cumberland Consulting Group’s IT Advisory Services and HIT Implementation Support and Staffing by KLAS 2018 © KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved. www.KLASresearch.com

"Cumberland was able to cite best practices from other engagements while remaining neutral. They hit a fine balance in their consulting; they were knowledgeable but not arrogant."NURSE, January 2018 (IT Advisory Services)

“Cumberland was our primary support after the initial go-live, and they were amazingly consistent. They delivered and hit every date right on time. It was really impressive to see that level of consistency from their team. They helped us reduce the amount we had budgeted. We like to give ourselves some wiggle room, and so far we have come in under our original budget. That is a big win for our organization, especially considering the size and cost of an EMR conversion.”DIRECTOR, October 2017 (HIT Implementation Support and Staffing)

"Cumberland did a really good job working with the vendor to understand the functionality of the application. They helped us understand where we might experience gaps and issues in the implementation." EXECUTIVE, September 2017 (IT Advisory Services)

"We have been using Cumberland for several years. We have had nothing but great experiences with them. Cumberland's people are knowledgeable and helpful and know the products and vendors. Cumberland is a good company to work with. They communicate very well with us, and we have a great relationship with them."EXECUTIVE, April 2017 (HIT Implementation and Support Staffing)

"Cumberland is helping us decide on a software vendor, and we have been happy with the process. We are more than likely going to use them for the implementation as well once we make a decision."EXECUTIVE, April 2017 (IT Advisory Services)

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